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We know many dog owners struggle to find nutritious foods their picky puppies will eat. Mr. Leo’s combines flavorful dog treats with healthy ingredients. Our treats were inspired by our puppy, Leo—or Mr. Leo, if we’re being formal.

Meet Mr. Leo

Leo is a cavapoo (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel–Poodle), his birthday is 10.21.2019, and he is a super picky eater! We struggled to convince him to eat. We tried canned food, wet food, raw food, and kibble, he would sniff and walk away. At times, he would go days without eating. He was so bony that when we pet him, we could feel his ribs.

One day, we brought scraps of fresh sushi-grade salmon home. Leo LOVED the salmon. Encouraged, we began dehydrating the salmon skins. Leo happily crunched away. We started using the salmon skin treats to train him to eat more and within two weeks, we could already tell the difference.

Filled with curiosity we began doing research to find out if dogs can eat raw sushi-grade salmon. Dogs are a cousin of the Big Bad Wolf. Wolves in the wild prey on other animals, they eat fresh raw meat, therefore dogs can also eat raw meat.

Studies show that adding more vegetables to a dogs diet will add years their life. However, if you simply place cooked or raw vegetables in a dogs bowl they will walk away. After much trial and error we added spinach and carrots to the fresh sushi-grade salmon, along with berries for natural sweetness. Though it can be difficult for dogs to enjoy veggies, the smell and taste of the salmon over powers the veggies and convinced Leo to devour the treat. With fresh ingredients and a focus on both nutrients and flavor, we created the ideal treat for Mr. Leo. Now, we’re bringing that treat to other dogs.